s an Athena Council member, how would I communicate with the Devs?
You will participate in a Dev chat conference call via Skype once per month.

How much impact would I have?
While the ultimate decision still lies with the Devs, your opinion does matter and your feedback will go directly to the people who need it most to be taken into consideration.

What if I’m not a very good player? Do I still stand a chance at being part of the Athena Council?
Of course! The Athena Council welcomes all active players who care about Ghost Recon Online.

I’m new to this game, does this mean that I stand a lower chance at getting in?

We welcome all applicants, as long as you fit the criteria and have a genuine interest in trying to improve the game, feel free to apply.

Is there any form of progression inside the Athena Council? Would there be any chance for me to advance or does everyone stay equal?
In the future, when we have sufficient numbers and the program has been in place long enough, we might consider having different tiers of council members.

Can I quit being an Athena Council member if I decide that it’s not meant for me?

Yes, you are allowed to leave, but we’ll definitely discourage you from signing up if you don’t have the intention of staying on. This is a long-term commitment that requires dedicated players.