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    [Event] Live Dev Chat w/Jessie Knapp - The Arctic Pack! - Official Question Thread

    Ask your questions about the upcoming patch here

    Live Dev Chat is Monday, Sep. 10th at 1930h PDT, 2230h EDT.

    Go, go, go!
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    Copied from the European thread:

    1. The new arctic armors just look like new camouflage options. Will those camo options be available at all levels (Ex: Level 7, 17, and 27)?

    2. When will headgears start using the same camo pattern as your armor again? Why was this changed in the first place? Will there be options in the future to chose if you want headgear to be the same as your armor, or act like a base color?

    3. Between Closed Beta and Open Beta something changed with the cover system. In open beta it seems like players snap to cover from farther away than they did in closed beta. This creates huge issues when trying to slide past certain parts of cover, or under certain parts of cover. Was this an intentional change? Was it the side-effect of changing something else? It's extremely detrimental to the game play experience, and it was MUCH BETTER in closed beta.
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    1. observing that this map pack was release will there be any schedule releases for maps... in example every 3 months? or 4 months in the future?

    2. would we be seeing more themed maps like a jungle, desert, or the like?

    3. would there be any way to have a option choose the maps i want to play in the future?
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