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    I ´m raging. Not because somebody killed me, but because I have to wait. I hate waiting. I´m not patient person in some cases, not at all...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TurtleBoy View Post
    Take a drink of water and see how many grenades I have left.
    ^ (except water is Dr. Pepper)

    Also, it's the opportunity to chat without someone on the other team, like congratulating someone who shot you super-well or asking about a clan tag you haven't seen before.

    Oh man, and my Para automatically reloads, which is pretty suite. Respawning feels like a faster reload than actually reloading that thing.
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    Sometimes I rage at my teammate who is right behind me and didn't kill the guy while he was shotting at me or more recently just sit and stare at my computer and hit the spacebar when it doesn't re-spawn me when the re-spawn time expires.

    "May He guide my sights."
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    Punch my monitor and cut my wrists with the glass.
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    lately, what I do is...

    see map and cry at the line of recons BH the point looking it been taken as they do nothing.

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    I thought I'd try something soulful next, like a Tibetan monk or maybe a blues musician.

    Ohhh, you meant in the game.
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