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    cort your wrong because the mp7 sd, kps 12 sd and the m96 sv TRT all have the -0.1 ready time and -X% Firerate (didn't calculate if its actually 5% like they said)
    and also the m27 D20, srs SD, and p45 TRT all have the +X% accuracy and +X% control (again, I didn't actually calculate what percent they are, I just know its different)

    pretty much, all the guns have all of their stats changed as advertised, but not all of them of the numbers as advertised ( although I think the only problem is with control and accuracy, ready time was all correct and fire rate seemed to be correct)

    dev comment and/ or fix on this would be nice

    could be the numbers advertised were wrong (i.e. devs didn't put it to those numbers, communication mistake)
    could be the numbers in game are posted wrong but the stats are right
    could be the numbers in game are posted wrong and the stats are wrong too
    could be the numbers in game are right and math just works different in asia?

    who knows....

    oh wait, the dev's know.

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    There really are gameplay differences amounting to 5% difference in the stats as noted in the promo material. Unfortunately, the stat formulas aren't linear so they aren't able to capture some of the smaller differences in weapon performance. I can vouch for the fact that there are in fact gameplay differences that aren't reflected in the stats. For example, recoil works on a per shot basis. If ROF is reduced by 5%, recoil is already naturally reduced by 5%. However, if the recoil value is already low to begin with, the real difference is minuscule and thus the formula may not pick it up.

    Here's some background on the accuracy and control formulae:

    The formulae were designed to abstract values between 0 and 100. They are also based on measures as simple as possible so that the numbers are meaningful rather than forming an incomprehensible mishmash of multiple numbers (those from the early betas would remember when we had too many numbers mashed into a Handling stat. It didn't do too well).

    Accuracy is based on the best case accuracy of a gun. That means cover/prone + ironsight + fully settled. However, the accuracy numbers in reality are anywhere between 0.03 and 20. Small changes are significant here. To convert that to a 0-100 scale requires some creativity, so it's currently using a modification of the angular diameter of an object formula, based on the game height of a player.

    In short, it measures the range at which the diameter of the bullet spread circle is equal to the height of a player's torso (center mass hit). This number is then compressed to 100, so some fidelity is lost. To put things in perspective, most sniper rifles in game can score a body shot at 300 game meters or so.

    Control is simply recoil per second converted to a 0-100 scale, with 100 being zero recoil and 0 being generally unplayable. Recoil is also taken as a best case, in prone/cover + ironsight. Like accuracy, the recoil numbers are normalized, resulting in a non-linear progression.

    The formulae may need to be tweaked to be able to accommodate the small changes, but just know that the camo packs all have genuinely different performance as specified.
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    Erm....waiting, waiting and waiting still no feedback from DEVS....
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