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    Then it'll be a grenade spam.... well.. more than what it already is.

    You also get Free Grenades from Common Loot.

    I am not saying that these ideas have no merit (and this should be here)

    However, one must understand that not all "Good ideas" are actually "Essential" or "Needed". There is also the consideration of balance, development schedule, and what not. Maybe in the future. But not as something that is needed in the immediate future.
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    Smoke grenades are different enough we will prototype them to try it out (with the caveat that it could be a difficult implementation, since we are committed to maintaining and improving the performance of the game client). But Fallen Magus is right about sensors and flash bangs, those would impede on Recons and Specialists, respectively.

    Characters having different [complementary] powers is one of the keys to making team play work.
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    I'd just like to see better matchmaking and being able to search by maps.
    Other than that i'm digging the game alot. Good small community.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HugeNob View Post
    Let me guess, you play recon mostly
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    A well designed capture the flag mode.

    Ability to swap class after end of each round.

    For business side maybe add a premium monthly subscription to allow players to op to choose which maps they want or do not want to play. Since it will be a small percentage of the whole player base maybe it wont affect the game queuing much? Also want to attract people who just want to conveniently enjoy the game to the fullest because perhaps some of them do not have much time to play and certainly want to play the maps they like.

    Emphasis more on competitive clan matches. Currently it is not enough.
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